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CEREC Crown Lake Oswego OR

Primemill CEREC same day crowns technology at The Dentist on Boones Ferry in Lake Oswego, ORIn the realm of dental work, nothing was previously available on-demand. However, times are changing. More and more of our services are now available for our patients sooner.

The Dentist on Boones Ferry uses dental crowns to protect your teeth after they get damaged. Contact our Lake Oswego office to make an appointment with Dr. Petersen, or to ask us any questions you have about CEREC technology and dental crowns.

Do I Need a Dental Crown?

There are many ways your teeth can become damaged:
•  You may have injured your tooth in an accident.
•  You may crack, break, or chip a tooth.
•  You might cause damage to your teeth if you have bruxism. Bruxism occurs when you clench or grind your teeth at night. Night mouth guards can help with this.
•  Your teeth can also become weak due to tooth decay. If a cavity gets big enough, it can weaken your tooth and cause it to crack or break. If necessary, we can clean out the infection caused by tooth decay and then crown your tooth to protect it.

What Are CEREC Crowns?

CEREC is the acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Like regular tooth crowns, CEREC crowns are made of porcelain over metal to protect your teeth. CEREC crowns represent the newest technology in dentistry.

How Are CEREC Crowns Made?

Instead of being made in gold or silver, and taking weeks to be made, CEREC crowns can be made while you wait, and they are stronger than gold or silver crowns.

We use a CAD machine and take photos of your teeth. The CAD machine makes a 3D model of your tooth, which we can use to build a permanent crown.

What Are the Benefits of CEREC Crowns?

CEREC crowns are a step up from traditional dental crowns. Made of ceramic material, they are metal-free, and stronger, and have a closer resemblance to natural teeth than traditional dental crowns. No more waiting for days or weeks for a replacement crown. We make you a crown and put it on the same day. Keep reading for a deeper dive into the benefits of CEREC crown technology.

•  The CEREC crown easily makes one of the top restoration procedures. It has managed to get the closest to what a natural tooth feels and looks like. Thanks to the 3-D imaging technology, the CEREC crown comes out in an impressively precise shape, fitting your bite and gum line. When normal crowns are first tried on, they usually fall out of alignment with the tooth, and minor alterations have to be made. But CEREC crowns come out in the correct size and shape.
•  CEREC crowns are incomparably time-efficient. CEREC crowns are same-day, which saves you the expense of another appointment.
•  They are made to look like real teeth and they are designed to preserve your dental health.
•  Teeth impressions, which are usually messy, are not necessary when you use CEREC crowns. Some individuals are also wary of biting into alginate. It can also get sticky, which some patients are uncomfortable with. CEREC takes away all these discomforts of traditional procedures.
•  In the conventional methods, there are chances of inaccurate measurements that lead to ill-fitting crowns. This could be due to the slightest of variations in bite, small differences in the build of the final crowns, saliva interfering with the dental impression, etc. The machine-built CEREC comes with zero human errors and guarantees total accuracy.

Are CEREC Crowns Right for You?

Our dental team at The Dentist on Boones Ferry will first have to decide if you need a crown. They will also explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of various crown fittings, including CEREC. If you lead a hectic life or are frequently traveling and don't look forward to multiple visits, we might recommend CEREC.

CEREC Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns

In the past, you had to get a temporary tooth crown placed while you waited for a real one. Then you came in to have the crown cemented onto your tooth.

Normal crowns typically require two appointments. One appointment is for taking an impression of their tooth so that the model is sent to a laboratory and the crown is fabricated. The next appointment is for bonding the crown onto the tooth.

CEREC crowns are made of ceramic, and they require just one appointment to perform the procedure.

What Happens During a CEREC Crown Procedure?

CEREC crowns come with 3-D imaging software that captures the image of your tooth and creates a crown specifically for your damaged tooth.

Preparing for the Procedure

Dr. Petersen will assess your teeth and let you know if CEREC crowns are suitable for your teeth.

Before the crown is bonded onto your tooth, it is first shaded to make it match the natural color of your tooth. This is an important step because not everyone wants to have a restorative dental procedure that announces itself to the world as a metal crown does.

The CEREC Crown Procedure Itself

•  First, our dentist and team use an intraoral scanner device to capture photos of your teeth and create a digital impression of your damaged tooth. This can also show us issues that we may not be able to see during an examination.
•  Then, the digital image of your damaged tooth, which the machine perfectly creates, is transferred into the CAD/CAM software where it is engineered under 3-D imaging. This is what is used to create your crown.
•  Made of ceramic, the tooth is finally produced in the milling machine.
•  The entire process of preparing a CEREC crown is a quarter an hour. Our dental specialists polish the crown and then shade it the color of your natural teeth before bonding it onto your tooth.

Recovery and Aftercare

CEREC crowns are incredibly strong, but you do still need to take care of them. Our dentist will give you more specific after-care instructions once the procedure is complete. For the first few days, you will need to avoid hard or sticky foods so that you do not accidentally damage the crown or irritate your gums.

In general, following routine oral hygiene practices is the best way to care for yourself after any dental procedure. This includes brushing twice daily using a fluoride toothpaste and flossing once daily. You will also need routine cleanings every six months.

Teeth grinding at night can also affect crowns, so Dr. Petersen may recommend a night mouth guard.

How Long Do CEREC Crowns Last?

CEREC crowns provide a non-invasive, precise, and long-lasting method of treating various dental problems. And depending on how you take care of them, they can serve you from five to 15 years.

CEREC Technology is Available Now at Your Lake Oswego Dentist Office!

Are you ready for a CEREC crown? Give the dental professionals here at The Dentist on Boones Ferry a call at (971) 377-1208 today to schedule an appointment.
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CEREC Same Day Crowns Lake Oswego OR
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